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Manage Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail with Outlook

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 (MSO2013) supports email account login of Gmail services. Mail, Hotmail very easy and fast.
In the past, to configure a third-party email into Outlook, users had to declare a lot of information, including port numbers, POP / IMAP servers (Pop / IMAP Server) magazine. Now, with MSO2013, you just need to declare the 3 most basic information, including account name, email address and password, immediately MSO2013 will do the rest.
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However, to configure Gmail on MSO2013, you must set up your Gmail account to open the POP or IMAP feature, by going to Settings on the Gmail website, selecting Settings, Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab, checking Enable POP for all mail in POP Download or Enable IMAP in IMAP Access, Save Changes.
For Hotmail, you do not need to do anything else. With Yahoo! Mail, you can only login to email account has @ yahoo.com.vn.
The first time you enable MSO2013, click Next in th…

Yahoo Mail "fall" after 4 minutes

Missing 1 second, you will lose control of the mail box.
A hacker posted a YouTube video describing how easy it was to get into a victim's Yahoo account by tricking them into clicking on a link.
Over the weekend, a number of Yahoo Mail users have been forced to suspend their accounts after they had clicked on a link received in the mailbox (apparently sent from their friends). Yahoo said it had patched the flaw, but security experts said the problem was not resolved.
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A hacker named Shahin Ramezany has conducted a self-published attempt to exploit the DOM-Based XSS vulnerability to gain access to the mailbox. When the victim clicks on the URL, the cookies (the user's activity on the web are saved by the browser) will be immediately sent to the attacker's computer and the user will use that cookie to enter the account. This trick can be applied on all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox ...
Then, the bad guys can…

Yahoo promises privacy for user data

Yahoo said all user data will be encrypted before the first quarter of next year.
In mid-October, Yahoo announced it would begin coding its webmail service. And today, CEO Marissa Mayer of the company added that not only Yahoo Mail but all other products and user data will also be encrypted. The time that Yahoo will complete this work is the end of the first quarter of 2014. In a post from Yahoo on Tumblr, Mayer pointed out three strategies the company will apply to protect their users' data, include:
- Encrypt all data stored in its data centers before the first quarter of 2014.
- Provides users with the option of encrypting all data streams to / from Yahoo, also before the first quarter of 2014.
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- Collaborate closely with Yahoo's international Mail partners so that shared mail accounts with Yahoo will use the https protocol.
This policy helps users to be more comfortable with their use, especially when in recent time…

Yahoo Mail on iOS "change" new: flat interface, support read news

This is Yahoo's first mobile app to change its look since after CEO Marissa Mayer took office.
After Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo in 2012, the company has consistently acquired large and small start-ups to keep up with the mobile trends. Not only does it invest in new applications, the company's longstanding service, Yahoo Mail, has also received an upgrade with a flat interface, fewer ads, and more user focus.
In fact, Yahoo does not change the core features of the app with this update; they only rearrange their positions, design buttons nicely, and limit the advertising compared to the past.
In addition, the new app not only helps users check email but also brings news, weather, sports and finance through the tabs below. However, Vietnamese users have not updated this feature yet.
Yahoo said the news stream will automatically adjust to the trend of reading the news of users, increasing the personalization.
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Use Yahoo Mail? You should enable this security option as soon as possible

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It has taken Yahoo a long time ridiculously, but it has finally launched an option that will help protect users' privacy when accessing their web-based email - HTTPS.
Yahoo Mail has lagged behind competitors like Hotmail (in the process of renaming Outlook.com) and Gmail by not allowing users to access their email via HTTPS.
If you do not enable full session HTTPS for your email, anyone on your WiFi network can read any email you write and receive with tools like FireSheep, as they are passed from Yahoo to your browser. yours.
That is because, without HTTPS, they are sent in unencrypted text.
If you are using Yahoo Mail, my advice is to enable this security option as soon as possible. Here's how you do it:
+ Select "Mail Options / Options" on your main Yahoo Mail screen
+ Select "General"
+ Select "Enable SSL".
Unfortunately, Yahoo has disabled HTTPS / SSL settings by default, meaning users are required to enable this feature if they want better se…

Yahoo CEO publicly apologize to users about the 'network crash'

On Yahoo's official Tumblr account, CEO Marissa Mayer posted an official apology to global users following the recent "fallout" of the Yahoo Mail service.
The problem occurred while Yahoo is still calling its employees use Yahoo Mail or because of Outlook in the workplace at the company.
"This is a very frustrating week for the user and we apologize for the inconvenience," Marissa wrote in an apology letter.
Mayer said, basically Yahoo has restored access to the account for the entire user affected. Missing messages or emails during the incident will be gradually recovered. So, when you yahoo log in to your inbox, maybe new messages will not arrive.
Affected users report different issues, making it harder to resolve network problems. Some users have blocked access to the account, others have not received the message.

Three interesting things about Yahoo Mail

Let's continue and see some of the most exciting things about Yahoo Mail 'S webmail service.
1. Large service with large space
One of the important things you may not know about Yahoo Mail is that it provides the largest storage space for your e-mail than any other e-mail service provider.
Currently, Yahoo! Mail provides 1TB (Terabyte) of storage space for subscribers. Since email in general is no more than a few kilobytes in size, this gigantic space is more than enough to store all your e-mails. If you look at it the other way, this would be equivalent to storing hundreds of movies in multiple storage spaces. When you send e-mail, you can add files, documents, zipped or ZIP / RAR folders, and media files up to 25 MB in size in your attachments.
This is also a great advantage of using Yahoo! Letter. As there are no other services that provide such a large storage space for one's e-mail.
2. You get a free web-based calendar
Yahoo! Mail offers users a free web-based calendar.…